An array of windmills on the ocean

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind energy has become very appealing, considering that a large percentage of the global population lives near a coastline. Additionally offshore wind speeds are much stronger and more consistent than inland wind. Stress Engineering Services, Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the offshore oil & gas industry. We have pioneered analysis techniques for offshore riser systems, and have written and sold multiple software for analysis of offshore structures, risers and mooring systems.

Person in safety jacket looking at the sunset

Why Offshore Wind?

Most of our global population lives near a coastline, which makes offshore wind energy an accessible, convenient way to generate power. We can strategically leverage offshore wind as a stronger, more consistent resource – allowing for more predictable power reserves in populated areas around the world.

Challenges impacting offshore wind

The US offshore wind industry in the United States is facing unique challenges. Offshore wind developers, manufacturers, installers, and technicians need to prepare for:

  • Extremely deep water and tough installation conditions
  • Increasingly severe weather events
  • The rapid growth expected in the existing development pipeline

To tackle these issues as effectively as possible, it’s time to ensure that we work with accurate, reliable data. SES Renewables is here to help.

Tracking safe, effective turbine use with NeoSight®

Offshore wind turbines, machines built to help turn strong offshore wind into electrical energy, are designed with very specific safety requirements. To learn more about how they work under very specific conditions, we need to track their performance over time. NeoSight®, a critical tool we have designed for reliable asset integrity management, can help offshore wind farms avoid failures, and downtime – saving money, operation time, and even lives.

Turning knowledge into (reliable, consistent) power

With NeoSight® and the expertise of SES Renewables, teams within the offshore industry have been able to achieve:

  • More data about the operational lives of valuable equipment
  • Fast detection of mechanical anomalies
  • Smart strategies for fixing anomalies in a timely manner
  • Data about fatigue and damage accumulation for wind farms
  • Increased life expectancy of wind farm equipment
  • Increased energy production of wind farm equipment

With predictive maintenance, offshore wind farms can hope to see clean energy benefits. Interested in learning more?