Industries at SES Renewables, we understand the technical and commercial challenges of renewable energy projects. Whether it’s an offshore wind farm or a hydrogen/gas blending system, these projects must be executed at a competitive cost without sacrificing sound engineering practices. We have the experience to develop the solutions vital to making your projects successful from design through decommissioning.

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Offshore Wind

Offshore wind energy has become very appealing, considering that a large percentage of the global population lives near a coastline. Additionally, offshore wind speeds are much stronger and more consistent than inland wind. Stress Engineering Services (SES) has over 50 years of experience in the offshore oil and gas industry. We have pioneered analysis techniques for offshore riser systems and have written and sold multiple software for analysis of offshore structures, risers, and mooring systems.

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Onshore Wind

Wind energy is one of the most rapidly growing forms of global renewable energy. As wind energy becomes a significant contributor to electrical grids, wind farms must operate safely and reliably while keeping project costs low. Built on 50 years of technical excellence in energy, SES Renewables offers a wide range of technical expertise for supporting the wind energy industry through design, analysis, testing, monitoring, and integrity management.

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Energy Storage

A proportional increase in energy storage capacity is required for sustainable growth in decarbonized electricity to balance generation and demand variability. SES Renewables has extensive experience in providing solutions for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that improve performance, reliability, and system safety of lithium-ion battery ESS and reduction-oxidation flow battery ESS.



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With a combination of new and existing technology and infrastructure being used to produce, transport, and store green hydrogen, broad expertise will be required to ensure safe and economical operations. SES’s history of being the go-to solutions provider for the energy industry will be critical in the continued development of green hydrogen.



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Sustainable Fuels

Facilities that produce sustainable fuels often resemble those used for traditional fossil fuel production, meaning biofuel producers must address many of the same considerations and challenges faced in traditional fuel production. SES’s expertise in solving these challenges will help biofuel producers keep facilities running safely and economically.



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Microgrids/Smart Grids

SES Renewables leverages multi-industry experience to provide micro and smart grid solutions that transform the energy paradigm, improving energy independence and reliability in small communities everywhere.





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Geothermal installations allow for a continuous baseload power supply, perfectly complimenting intermittent power sources like solar and wind energy. As a leading provider of engineered energy solutions in energy solutions, SES Renewables provides a wide range of engineering expertise in geothermal ground loop systems and power plants, including dry steam, flash steam, and binary code.



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Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)

While renewable power generation and electrification of transportation drive down overall carbon emissions, industrial processes and existing fossil fuel power plants will continue to be significant emitters. CCUS plays a vital role in achieving net-zero carbon emissions in these areas as it is the primary system for reducing industrial CO2.

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